At Eyüboğlu, our students engage with visual arts from preparatory classes to the end of the 12th grade within an education system based on inquiry. Through visual arts classes, elective art clubs, after-school activities, museum and exhibition visits, we enable our students to explore, discover collections, and experience art. We provide opportunities for students to express their creativity and imagination using age-appropriate materials.

From a young age, we support our students in expressing their imagination by providing them with various materials to carry out their works, fostering both creativity and motor skills. Our students gain experience in age-appropriate art workshops. As our students age, their competence in technical knowledge, learning, application, and research areas increases. They differentiate their works by using different materials and technologies based on their interests. Eyüboğlu students not only enhance their knowledge on the visual arts but also graduate as practitioners.

Görsel Sanatlar
Görsel Sanatlar

Students interested in visual arts can explore and develop their interests and talents through our elective art clubs, alongside their visual arts classes. Through clubs such as ceramics and cartooning in primary school, photography and cartooning in middle school, and painting, industrial design, and photography in high school, our students produce various works. Throughout their school lives, they have the opportunity to meet artists and experts from different fields, getting to know their art and benefiting from their experiences.


From preparatory classes to the 8th grade, students get acquainted with various branches of visual arts, such as painting, ceramics, and sculpture. From the 8th grade onwards, students can focus on the branches they prefer in the field of visual arts, aligning with their talents and interests, such as painting, ceramics, or three-dimensional design.


Throughout their school lives, students have various opportunities to exhibit their works. Starting from a young age, students' works are displayed in thematic and conceptual end-of-unit exhibitions, end-of-year exhibitions, both within and outside the school premises. Students who develop themselves in the field of visual arts and wish to exhibit their works are encouraged to have personal exhibitions.

As part of the IB DP program implemented at our school, 11th and 12th-grade IB DP students, when they choose the IB Art course as an elective, specialize and apply various materials and techniques by focusing on a specific theme. The works produced over a two-year working period are presented in an exhibition, serving as a graduation exhibition aiming to fulfill the requirements of the diploma program. IB DP Visual Arts Exhibition is showcased both within and outside the school for the audience to appreciate.


Our students engage in various group projects in visual arts, presenting their creative ideas collectively through collaborative art projects. Students are encouraged to prepare for national and international art competitions, reflecting their creative thoughts and different perspectives in their works.

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions Active Painting Competition

For many years, Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions have organized the Active Painting Competition, involving not only our students but also students from many public and private schools in Istanbul. This competition provides students with an instant competition experience, evaluated by an independent jury, and awards are presented to those who achieve success.