Meliz Katlav

Meliz Katlav
Kemerburgaz Middle School Principal

Our institution, taking its first steps in the educational world in 1970 to raise future generations as guardians of the principles of a contemporary, secular Republic, marching in the path of Atatürk and also as global individuals, is located within the Kemerburgaz Campus on the European side.

Our institution, guided by the vision to educate all students as leading individuals in academic and social aspects on both national and international levels, prepares students from the first grade onwards with a tailored education program to equip them as competent individuals for the requirements of any system they may encounter on national and international platforms. In our middle school, where mathematics and science courses are conducted in English, our experienced teaching staff in national and international programs ensures that our students are nurtured as happy, successful individuals with leadership and problem-solving skills, creativity, developed social skills, and self-confidence in all areas.

Our campus, secured by internal and external cameras and trained security personnel, provides international standard education with smart boards in classrooms, soundproof, ergonomic seats, fully equipped computer and science laboratories, art-music studios, ballet and dance hall, multipurpose halls, 2 dining halls, a 10,000-volume library, a conference hall, an ozone disinfection system in the indoor swimming pool, outdoor tennis, basketball, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and an indoor sports hall.

Our students are nurtured to become individuals who prioritize their health, respect themselves and others, are aware of their history, embrace societal values and culture, recognize international communities and cultures, possess the knowledge and skills to shape the future of their country, and have the ability to perceive events from different perspectives. The future leaders are prepared to navigate life as individuals who use their native language at an intellectual level, speak English at a native proficiency, and start learning a second foreign language from the first grade of middle school onward.

Eyüboğlu Education Institutions provide both national and international qualified education by integrating the international education programs, namely the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP), created by the International Baccalaureate Organization, into the Turkish National Education curriculum.

Eyüboğlu Kemerburgaz Middle School, accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), a prestigious organization that acknowledges the top-quality education provided by schools worldwide, has been in operation since May 14, 2010.

To learn more about our educational program, forward-looking support initiatives, individualized teaching model, and social activities, or to meet with school administrators, you are welcome to visit Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions.

Assistant Principals

Arzu Onat Konuşmaz

Kemerburgaz Middle School Assistant Principal