The purpose of the Information Technologies Department is to determine the institution's information technology standards, establish systems, and ensure the efficient use of these information systems by the school community in line with the strategic goals and plans of Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions to support the quality of education provided. In pursuit of this goal, the Information Technology Department operates in the following areas:

  • Provision of necessary hardware, services, and software for educational activities,
  • Support for administrative processes through technological equipment and software to increase efficiency,
  • Production, utilization, and updating of software according to the institution's needs,
  • Resolution of hardware and software problems, management of crisis situations,
  • Implementation of activities to provide a secure working environment, establishment, updating, and ensuring 24/7 security of the technical infrastructure,
  • Ensuring the security, archiving, and creation of necessary reports for data,
  • Keeping systems up to date by staying informed about the latest technologies, conducting technological research,
  • Development of projects for the implementation of educational and administrative activities and the creation of solutions,
  • Continuous and rapid information of the school community, ensuring seamless communication,
  • Ensuring business continuity and sustainability.

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Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions' Internal Services Department takes on the general cleaning, maintenance, and repair processes of all our schools, ensuring the smooth continuation of our educational activities. In this context:

  • Daily cleaning of open and closed educational environments is carried out,
  • Hygiene standards are maintained in classrooms, corridors, meeting rooms, and other spaces,
  • Technical, electrical, and electronic repair and maintenance operations are carried out effectively,
  • Responsibilities such as painting, maintenance of furniture, etc., are undertaken,
  • Quick and effective solutions are provided for the supply and repair of materials,
  • Intervention in technical issues within the institution, coordination with other departments,
  • Control and maintenance of plumbing in buildings, lodgings, and facilities,
  • Weekly, monthly, and yearly checks of items used within the institution,
  • Management of waste management in the institution, overseeing recycling processes, and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

Human resources management plays a strategic role in the institution's administration. The main goal of human resources management is to increase efficiency by meeting the needs of institution employees in line with the institution's objectives. To achieve this goal, the Human Resources Department operates in the following areas:

  • Planning human resources for the organizational structure and implementing related activities,
  • Efficiently conducting the selection and recruitment process of suitable candidates who are in line with the institution's culture and provide a competitive advantage,
  • Determining and meeting training and development needs to improve employees' professional performance and support their personal development,
  • Conducting performance evaluation activities for institution employees and managing activities to raise employees' performance in line with institutional goals,
  • Preparing career plans based on performance evaluation activities,
  • Increasing job satisfaction by providing a work environment that aligns with the targeted institutional culture,
  • Researching, selecting, evaluating, and using information systems suitable for human resources management in line with needs,
  • Managing personnel transactions for institution employees,
  • Calculating and arranging the salaries, taxes, insurance, and other payments of institution employees.

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For the security of all campuses and affiliated organizations of Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions during day and night, a "Private Security Unit" has been established in accordance with the special permission of the Istanbul Governorship Security Directorate and the Law No. 5188. Employees in this unit, by law, have the authority to become "Private Security Guards" after receiving the necessary training. The Security Department operates in the following areas:

  • Ensuring the safety of students within and around the school,
  • Taking necessary measures for the safe conduct of students' daily activities,
  • Ensuring the security of teachers and other school staff,
  • Taking necessary security measures in institution buildings, open and closed educational environments,
  • Ensuring entry-exit control,
  • Providing 24-hour surveillance using technological tools such as security cameras in our campuses and surroundings.
  • Identifying potential risks in schools where private security services are provided under Law No. 5188, and taking timely measures to prevent them, spreading these efforts throughout the organization, and providing awareness training programs to create awareness among all employees.

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions' Corporate Communication Department carries out communication and advertising projects related to the strategic brand management and communication goals of the institution in line with the institution's reputation and brand value. In this process, it plans and implements strategic communication activities to manage information flow, motivation, and organization between departments and units, together with the corporate and strategic planning department, to achieve communication and advertising goals for the institution's social stakeholders.

The main goal of corporate communication is to manage relationships with social stakeholders and the reputation of the institution. Every activity and work that affects the institution's reputation is among the responsibilities of the Corporate Communication Department. In this context, the Corporate Communication Department operates in the following areas:

  • Conducting communication activities for all target audiences of the institution (students, parents, employees, collaborating individuals/organizations, alumni),
  • Coordinating the design and printing processes of all printed and digital materials introducing the institution, such as magazines, books, catalogs, brochures, posters, banners, invitations, etc., in coordination with the advertising agency,
  • Preparing press releases containing information about the institution's events, activities, and achievements in collaboration with a media communication agency,
  • Ensuring the effective management of the institution's advertising campaigns, making media plans, and budgeting,
  • Organizing seminars/meetings for promotional purposes, openings, academic events,
  • Collaborating with the Human Resources Department to organize events aimed at increasing employee motivation,
  • Creating, monitoring, and improving the content of the website and intranet,
  • Ensuring the publication of all news-related information on the institution's website.

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The purpose of the Corporate and Strategic Planning Department is to determine the institution's medium and long-term goals strategically and operationally as a whole. In this context, it ensures the establishment and maintenance of the framework needed to manage and direct the corporate and strategic planning process in conjunction with the board of directors.

The department is responsible for translating each strategic and operational goal set within this framework into relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and monitoring them. It is also responsible for coordinating with other relevant units of the institution to manage, implement, and conclude projects that may arise from these goals. Periodically, usually at the end of each quarter, it evaluates whether the relevant goals are achieved in meetings with the board of directors and the relevant unit, and makes necessary improvements when needed.

The main responsibilities of the department include:

  • Managing and, if necessary, improving the institution's process in the context of corporate and strategic planning,
  • Ensuring the knowledge of the institution's strategic goals throughout the institution within the framework of privacy rules and ensuring that each department/section operates operationally in line with the relevant goals,
  • Preparing an annual project list and action plan for projects identified in line with strategic goals,
  • Establishing teams for projects listed in the annual plan, directing these teams, coordinating them, and checking where the projects stand according to their goals at the end of each quarter and providing recommendations and taking initiatives when there are issues with achieving the goals,
  • Supervising project teams to ensure effective progress and success by informing the upper management of elements that need to be done/procured in a timely manner,
  • Ensuring the integration of planning and budget processes,
  • Contributing to the preparation of budgets for strategic initiative budgets in collaboration with the financial affairs department,
  • Recommending improvements that can be made in terms of organizational efficiency and effectiveness,
  • Mapping out business processes and making necessary improvements for organizational efficiency,
  • Conducting research on targeted markets,
  • Monitoring and analyzing industry trends,
  • Actively participating in the preparation of business plans and preparations for growth initiatives and potential investments,
  • Conducting research to identify threats and opportunities,
  • Monitoring competitor strategies and conducting financial analyses,
  • Supporting the processes of establishing and developing team agreements or strategic partnerships to support business growth goals,
  • Managing Strategic Planning/Change Management meetings,
  • Regularly reporting to upper management and summarizing the annual performance with a detailed department report at the end of the year,
  • Always being an open channel for those within the institution who want to contribute to strategic/corporate development.

The primary priority of the Corporate and Strategic Planning Department is to ensure corporate and strategic development and to create the infrastructure, systems, workflow procedures, and principles needed to prevent losses for the institution.

The Accounting Department is responsible for managing the school's financial affairs and ensuring compliance with tax responsibilities and obligations within the relevant legislation. This department has a team of accounting experts and operates in the following areas:

  • Implementation, use, and monitoring of accounting and financial systems,
  • Income and expense record processes within the framework of accounting standards,
  • Processes related to tax responsibilities and obligations,
  • Contract, collection, refund, etc., processes in the student registration and renewal process,
  • Student invoice, current, and tax transactions processes,
  • Institution needs, procurement, and purchasing processes.

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