Gürkan Deniz

Gürkan Deniz
Çamlıca Primary School Principal

Since 1970, Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions have achieved numerous national and international successes in the field of education, shaping the future of thousands of students with a modern and Atatürkist approach.

At Eyüboğlu Çamlıca Primary School, our students engage in programs that prioritize holistic education while valuing individual differences, adhering to high ethical and academic standards, placing continuous and effective learning at the core of the educational process, and maintaining initiatives with societal, cultural, and international awareness. The educational philosophy of our school encompasses all aspects of our students' academic, social, and emotional development.

With our full-day English education program starting in reception classes, our students strengthen their English foundations before entering primary school, comprehend everyday English conversations through our activities, and realize their ability to communicate using English while enhancing their vocabulary.

In our primary school classes, where they begin with a strong English foundation, students continue their development according to age and period-specific characteristics. Throughout each academic year, you will observe in our students a distinctive structure, fostering inquiry, questioning, risk-taking, respect for others' perspectives, cultural awareness, openness, and the development of attitudes and skills in line with an international profile.

In pursuit of this goal, international IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme) studies are conducted alongside the Turkish National Education Curriculum, led by our experienced expert teachers and administrators in their respective fields. In education environments tailored for continuous and effective learning, differentiated learning methods are implemented to support our students' unique strengths or potential areas of development compared to their peers. Our students graduate from our schools having learned English and a second language of their choice at an academic level.

Our expert psychological counselors provide individualized observation and assessment during the educational process, sharing the results with teachers and parents to enhance the quality of learning experiences for our students.

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions' strong teaching staff, proficient in both Turkish and English, closely follows developments in education science, and collaborates with our students to achieve numerous national and international successes every year, paving the way for your children's successes in the years to come.

Equipped with modern amenities, our classrooms feature smart boards, computers, and internet access as significant resources supporting contemporary education. Our fully equipped science and computer laboratories, student study centers, observatories, sports and arts complex, Olympic swimming pool, and outdoor sports areas are always ready for use to contribute to the development of our students. Our Central Library, currently consisting of 85,000 books, attracts the interest of both students and parents.

To foster the social and athletic development of our students, they are encouraged to choose from hundreds of student clubs tailored to their interests and preferences, ranging from sky photography to horseback riding, tennis, and even preparation for overseas universities, enabling them to participate and progress throughout the year.

With experienced doctors and nurses dedicated to school and student health, our students are closely monitored in health matters. All buildings, open spaces, and areas outside the school on our 33,000 square meter campus are recorded with cameras and meticulously monitored by our security personnel to ensure school security.

To better acquaint yourselves with us and to gain a closer understanding of the love and contemporary educational environment we have created with our students, teachers, and parents, we welcome you to visit our school.

Assistant Principals

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Çamlıca Primary School Grades 4 Assistant Principal

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