Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions prepare their students to become foremost members of both their national and international communities. In this regard, Eyüboğlu establishes memberships and collaborations with the most reputable organizations in this field.

CIS Council of International Schools

The Council of International Schools

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a non-profit organization that operates on a membership basis and provides high-quality international education services to over 1500 schools and higher education institutions in 120 countries. CIS collaborates to shape the future of international education, takes a leading role in the development of global citizens through high-quality international education, and connects ideas, cultures, and educators from all around the world.

IB International Baccalaureate Organization

The International Baccalaureate

Founded in 1968, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a leading organization in the field of international education. IB reaches hundreds of thousands of students in hundreds of countries through Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program, and Diploma Program.

NESA Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools

Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools

NESA, aiming to provide in-service training for teachers and promote their professional development, is an organization that emphasizes collaboration, friendship, and trust to enhance education in member schools.

NMSA National Middle School Association

National Middle School Association

Established in 1973, NMSA is the only organization in its field, aiming to enlighten educators and student families on better educating young people in the 10-15 age group.

AAVSO American Association of Variable Star Observers

American Association of Variable Star Observers

The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO), headquartered in Boston, is an organization founded in 1911 that focuses on variable stars. Eyüboğlu College became a member of this organization in 1998 and continues its work in the field of astronomy by establishing international connections.

ASP Astronomical Society of the Pasific

Astronomical Society of Pasific

It is an organization founded in 1889 after a group of professional and amateur astronomers in Northern California came together to observe a rare total solar eclipse event.

ECIS Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS)

The Educational Collaborative For International Schools

Established in 1965, ECIS is a non-profit global membership organization that supports schools in the areas of teacher development, leadership development, recruitment and human resources, governance, and global consultancy.

ISTA International Schools Theater Association

International Schools Theater Association

It is an organization with over 100 members worldwide, aiming to foster theater skills by bringing together students and teachers from various countries through festivals held in different parts of the world.

Türkiye Özel Okullar Birliği Turkish Private Schools Association of Turkey

Turkish Private Schools Association

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions is a member of the Turkish Private Schools Association which was founded in 1951 in Istanbul. The association regularly organizes in-service programs, workshops and symposia with academicians and experts in the field to enhance the quality of education in our country.

Ongoing Projects

Harvard University

Harvard University

In collaboration with the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, institutional scholarships are provided for teacher participation in certificate programs covering the latest educational approaches each year.

Harvard University

Canada NovaScotia International Student Program

Eyüboğlu students receive education in Canada, a country of great significance in the field of education worldwide, through an international education protocol with the Department of Education of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. This partnership not only helps students improve their English language skills but also develops their competence in international awareness, opening up new horizons for their future educational lives.

Comenius Lifelong Learning Programme


The Socrates Education Project, initiated within the framework of the European Union and sponsored by the Union, aims to create a European community of schools in the future. The project works to promote collaboration among schools worldwide and to spread European languages and cultures. One part of this project is Comenius. Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions is one of the schools implementing a Comenius School Partnership project under the National Agency of the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center Presidency.

EURO PASS European Language Passport


The European Language Portfolio is a project of the Council of Europe and serves as a personal portfolio for determining language proficiency levels within the scope of free movement. With standardized language proficiency criteria, one of the project's significant goals is to broaden job opportunities across different countries in the future.