To educate all our students, academically and socially, to become foremost members of both their national and international communities, and in doing so become an exemplary educational institution all over the world.


By never compromising on Atatürk’s principles and revolutions through a comprehensive K - 12 educational program that considers individual differences, we aim to raise multilingual, innovative and life-long learners who excel academically, ethically and contribute actively to a more sustainable world with a profound sense of social, international and multicultural awareness.




  • Embracing the principles of corporate, social, and environmental sustainability in all activities

Bütünlük taşıyan eğitim

Coherent educational program

  • Promote a consistent interdisciplinary educational approach integrated into all levels

Bireysel farklılıklar

Individual differences

  • Increase one’s capacity by getting to know oneself
  • Respect oneself and others’ rights and ideas
  • Value and respect others’ individual differences
  • Adapt to different conditions and situations

Yüksek etik ve akademik standartlar

High ethical and academic standards

  • Carry the responsibility of one’s knowledge and behavior
  • Achieve high academic performance, to the best of one’s ability, at all levels of education



  • Improve one’s creativity and research skills
  • Follow technological innovations and use them at every occasion within ethical standards
  • Acquire the concept of a "learning school"

Sürekli etkin öğrenme

Life-long learning

  • Learn how to learn
  • Acquire an attitude of participatory and active learning
  • Develop life – long learning skills with a rational and critical approach

Toplumsal bilinç

Social awareness

  • Know and attend to the values of one’s own identity and community
  • Develop values of honesty, brotherhood, solidarity and sharing
  • Acquire and develop the value of community service
  • Consider highly the significance of mental and physical health
  • Promote sensitivity to environmental issues

Kültürler ve uluslararası bilinç

Multicultural and international awareness

  • Use one’s mother tongue and English at the best possible proficiency
  • Improve the use of foreign languages at thebest possible communicative level
  • Become a tolerant global citizen without losing one’s own identity and heritage