Our educational program aims to develop students' musical abilities and enhance their artistic perspectives, nurturing them to be well-rounded individuals. From a young age, our students are introduced to Orff and elementary music, engaging in Body Percussion exercises to discover different parts of the body and the rhythmic sounds they produce, using their bodies as rhythmic instruments. Additionally, students familiarize themselves with instruments during classes, gaining awareness of the distinctions between various instruments. Playing instruments, they express their musical creativity by accompanying the music they listen to with their own voices. Solfege training, initiated from the second grade, is reinforced with melodica.

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Music education at Eyüboğlu takes place in well-equipped music classrooms where various musical instruments such as piano, guitar, flute, saxophone, oboe, clarinet, harp, accordion, sousaphone, timpani, and gong are available. These classrooms are equipped with computers, projectors, and smart boards compatible with various music software.


To support the personal, cognitive, and social development of our students and enhance their instrumental skills, branch courses are introduced in our curriculum from the 5th grade onwards. Following the joint curriculum of the Ministry of National Education (MEB) and the International Baccalaureate (IB), students take their first steps towards specialization in branches such as violin, guitar, percussion, music technologies, choir, and wind instruments (saxophone and clarinet). A solid foundation is laid to allow them to discover their talents.


Students interested in music can sustain their connection with music by joining music clubs of their choice from elementary school onwards. Options include:

  • Elementary School: Violin Club, Cello Club, and Guitar Club
  • Middle School: String Ensemble, Cello, Middle School Band
  • High School: String Ensemble, High School Band, Jazz Drum, Acapella, Wind Orchestra


Music And Dance Night

Our traditional event, the Music and Dance Night, organized by Eyüboğlu Education Institutions for many years, showcases the performances that students have prepared throughout the year. Hundreds of students participate, presenting a wide repertoire from classical pieces to jazz, folk music to musical songs, along with modern dance, traditional dances, and world dances. The event is an unforgettable experience that crowns their achievements.

Shine With Your Voice Singing Contest

Since 2006, our traditional event, the "Shine with Your Voice" Singing Contest, provides middle and high school students with the opportunity to showcase their talents by singing Turkish and foreign songs, accompanied by visual shows. The contest aims to present various music genres, such as rock, pop, Turkish music, jazz, soul, folk music, R&B, chill-out, metal, funky, through the selected songs.

The two-stage competition involves submitting performance videos in the first stage, which are evaluated by a jury of our music teachers. The selected finalists then perform live in the second stage, where the winners are determined through jury voting.

Unforgettable Experiences On International Platforms

Songs Of Hope

Songs Of Hope

Eyüboğlu 6th-grade students participate in the Songs Of Hope summer camp held in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. The camp, lasting six weeks, allows children aged 10 and above from around the world to learn and showcase music, providing an opportunity for participants to live together with children from different countries and cultures.

Art Fest

Art Fest

The Art Fest event, designed for middle and high school students, offers the chance to travel to at least 10 countries and 15 cities over two weeks, contributing to the development of intercultural awareness. During this event, students have the opportunity to perform at some of the world's most important music festivals.

Amsterdam Değişim Projesi

Amsterdam Exchange Project

The Amsterdam Exchange Project is a student exchange initiative in the field of music within the framework of our collaboration with the Antre Foundation, as part of our cultural and social activities. Our orchestra, composed of Eyüboğlu students, travels to Amsterdam to perform a concert with their peers there. Subsequently, students from Amsterdam come to Turkey and showcase performances together with our students.


At the beginning of each academic year, musical talent assesment is conducted by teachers in the Performing Arts Department to guide all Eyüboğlu students according to their talents. Based on these screenings, students who play instruments regularly showcase solo performances in weekly lunch concerts. In these mini concerts, students have the opportunity to listen to their peers and enjoy delightful moments.