Gülşah Çekiç

Gülşah Çekiç
Eyüboğlu College Principal

Our school began its journey in 1985 in Istanbul with ten classes. Since 1995, we've been offering a mix of national and international programs. We're known as a forward-thinking and innovative school in the Turkish education community. We're proud to be an IB World School, which means we go beyond regular curriculums to make learning a shared adventure of discovery and achievement.

Eyüboğlu College is the first Turkish school to introduce IB programs from kindergarten to the 12th grade. We collaborate with many institutions and organizations to improve the Turkish education system.

On our website, you can explore the many opportunities our school provides for students to discover their talents, improve academically and socially, and reach their highest potential in every area.

At Eyüboğlu College, our students don't just excel academically. They also take part in various local and international activities like art, sports, technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship. They join in competitions, festivals, and conferences. We encourage them to use their skills to benefit the community through projects in partnership with different organizations. This helps our students develop a sense of responsibility along with skills like teamwork, leadership, and organization.

We also focus on teaching foreign languages at our school. From middle school, we teach Math and Science in English. In addition to English, starting from the 5th grade, our students have the chance to become good at either German or Spanish. Our school actively participates in or hosts numerous international events and competitions to provide opportunities for our students to practice language acquisition.

With the responsibility of nurturing our students as enlightened individuals of the future, successful leaders, and multicultural global citizens, we prioritize school-parent-student communication, collaboration, and solidarity in our educational approach. Recognizing the fact that our students have different interests and skills, we design the content of our lessons to help them discover themselves and explore their strengths.

We invite you to our school to share more about the opportunities we provide for our children, aiming to raise them as individuals who look to the future with happiness and hope and to nurture their success.

Assistant Principals

Seyhan Ergül

College Grades 12 Assistant Principal

Ebru Ergüney

College Grades 11 Assistant Principal

Berksan Gümüş

College Grades 10 Assistant Principal

Kemal Deveci

College Prep Class and Grades 9 Assistant Principal