Our library sets an example among secondary education institutions with its diverse collection and resources.

About the Library

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions libraries serve the purpose of supporting education, promoting individual reading habits, making the library an integral part of daily life, and, in addition to these, raising individuals equipped with access skills and information literacy in the 21st-century knowledge society. At Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions, there are five libraries: the Central Library and Çamlıca Primary School Library located on the Çamlıca campus, Burçak Eyüboğlu Primary and Middle School Library, Kemerburgaz Primary and Middle School Library, Ataşehir Kindergarten and Primary School Library. In addition, there is a Research Center at Çamlıca Primary School. The Research Center, operating under the Çamlıca Primary School Library, was established to enable primary school students to actively use various visual and auditory educational materials in addition to printed and electronic sources when conducting research within the scope of their units.



Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions libraries have approximately 150,000 books, 108 printed periodicals, and subscriptions to EBSCO and PressReader databases in Turkish and foreign languages, providing access to e-books and various internet sources.

The rich collection of Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions libraries includes first editions, collection books, and rare books.


Printed Periodicals

Discover "Books Read by Atatürk" Collection

Based on the collection, housed in the Atatürk Special Library at Anıtkabir Museum, comprised of works that Atatürk read, underlined, and made notes on, we amalgamate the editions from that period into a collection of rare works. Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions' "Atatürk's Collection of Books Read" includes works in Turkish as well as in different languages such as Ottoman Turkish, French, and English.

Alongside classical works written in history, language, political science, culture, law, religious history, and mythology, the collection encompasses the economic, political, cultural, and artistic inclinations as well as the authors of Atatürk’s lifetime.

It showcases the book and reading passion of Atatürk, the broad scope of our great leader, revealing his universal and scientific thinking.

For the centenary of our Republic, 100 books from our collection were exhibited with the installation of "Atatürk's study room" at the Zorlu Performing Arts Center foyer during our Music and Dance Night event.

Additionally, our collection has been shared through a virtual exhibition.

Click here to explore our "Books Read by Atatürk" Collection, which is enriched day by day with the rare works we have acquired.

İsmet Zeki Eyüboğlu Collection

Our Central Library has hosted the Ismet Zeki Eyüboğlu collection since December 10, 2004. The Ismet Zeki Eyüboğlu Collection, donated to our library by the family after the author's death, includes 2992 Turkish books and periodicals, and a total of 261 books in Ottoman Turkish, German, English, and French. In the collection, there are books that the author wrote, translated, purchased, as well as books on literature, philosophy, psychology, history, language, religion, sociology, mythology, and art given to him as gifts by other authors.

Interactive Library

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions libraries are learning spaces where our students experience learning through their physical facilities, interestingly designed areas suitable for the age groups they address, encouraging a love for reading and research. With our "Information Literacy" program, created in collaboration with our library teachers and International program coordinators, our students are equipped with the necessary skills to learn how to access information, organize it, and present it. While our library teachers and subject teachers jointly prepare and conduct lessons in our libraries, our students learn to research and grow as independent learners.

Our Central Library has a philosophy room, a classroom, and three study rooms for individual and group work.

By organizing commemorative programs every year based on the authors of the books our students read, the symbolic streets of our library are named after distinguished authors, thus perpetuating their names. Today, the symbolic streets of Eyüboğlu Central Library include Attila İlhan, Sabahattin Eyüboğlu, Sabahattin Ali, Yaşar Kemal, Tolstoy, and Dostoyevsky, among other valuable authors. Our library specialists closely follow technological developments and innovations in the field of library science, such as collection development, cataloging, and classification, and constantly improve access to library resources.

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions demonstrates its commitment to the library not only through its investments and attention to its own libraries but also by contributing to the development of libraries in different schools and institutions through book donations.

Library Usage

Our libraries, which set an example among secondary education institutions with their collection and resource diversity, are open to all our students, staff, parents, and alumni for use and access to resources.

Library users can browse all resources in the collections of Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions Libraries through the library automation program called Follett-Destiny. They can access bibliographic records of printed resources and both bibliographic records and contents of electronic resources.

Our libraries, adopting a contemporary understanding of librarianship and using technology to facilitate access to information, provide support to all users on issues such as accessing resources and borrowing.

Click here for the Library and Media Center Usage Guidelines.

Citation Guide

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