Kudret Uluköy

Kudret Uluköy
Science And Technology High School Principal

Science High Schools and Science and Technology High Schools in our country are established with the aim of nurturing young minds dedicated to science and technology, and ensuring that young individuals become scientists.

Eyüboğlu Science High School was established in 1993, and Burçak Eyüboğlu Science and Technology High School in 2017. Like other schools within the Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions, their vision is to educate all students academically and socially to become foremost members of both national and international communities, aiming to be an exemplary educational institution all over the world. To realize this vision, the schools aim to cultivate students with high ethical and academic standards, fostering a culture of continuous and effective learning, and unwavering commitment to the principles and revolutions of Atatürk. In line with this goal, the schools aspire to graduate students who embody the identity of a highly qualified scientist by fostering individuals who question, research, evaluate, think critically, and, at the same time, possess developed social skills.

With the aim of enabling Science High School students to follow international scientific developments in basic sciences, engineering, and medicine, and to learn English at a level that allows them to conduct research, Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions pioneered the establishment of a Preparatory Class in Science High Schools for the first time in Turkey during the 2016-2017 academic year, completing its transformation into a Science and Technology High School with a Preparatory Class in 2017.

Intensive project work, with a focus on the experimental nature of the natural sciences, is carried out at Burçak Eyüboğlu Science and Technology High School to achieve the fundamental goals we have set. In the Science and Technology High School, where students with an interest in scientific and technological developments and innovations are provided with every possible environment and condition, our students prepare for and participate in TÜBİTAK Inter-School Project Competitions, TÜBİTAK Olympiads, and other competitions in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Informatics. They receive STEAM education, encompassing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, and engage in projects based on production. Our students solidify their achievements by receiving various awards in national and international competitions, showcasing their success. Connections with universities are established when necessary to enhance these endeavors on scientific foundations. Additionally, intensive preparations for university entrance exams are conducted, particularly for senior students, and these efforts are evaluated through periodic mock exams.

Since its establishment, students of Burçak Eyüboğlu Science and Technology High School have achieved a 100% success rate in university entrance exams, securing placements in the most preferred universities. The successful preparation and placement of our students in their desired universities in the fields of Science and Mathematics are a direct result of the education they receive at Burçak Eyüboğlu Science and Technology High School.

Students who are granted admission to our Science and Technology High School can choose to attend either the Science and Technology High School Preparatory Class or directly enter the 9th grade based on their English proficiency exam results. In our high school, not only is English taught at an advanced level, but also German is taught proficiently as a second foreign language. Furthermore, through the courses they take, our students are aimed to develop a strong foundation in information technology, computer science, robotics, and programming, fostering their growth into conscious digital citizens. For more detailed information about Burçak Eyüboğlu Science and Technology High School, a place for young individuals dedicated to the sciences and technology, growing with the identity of a scientist and embracing social diversity, you can visit our campus and meet with the relevant administrators.

Assistant Principals

Seyhan Ergül

Science High School and Technology High School Grades 12 Assistant Principal

Sabriye Dedeoğlu

Science and Technology High School Assistant Principal

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