Currently, the achievements of our graduates, whether they are receiving education in various corners of our nation and the world or have completed their studies, as they passionately dedicate themselves to serving humanity, stand as the primary wellsprings of our pride and optimism.
Dr. Rüstem Eyüboğlu

For over five decades, Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions have been at the forefront of education, imparting knowledge to thousands of students since 1970. Each year, the institutions proudly produce graduates from Eyüboğlu College and Burçak Eyüboğlu Science and Technology High School. Our alumni, having completed their education at prestigious universities in Turkey and worldwide, forge ahead, achieving success in diverse sectors and fields. The accomplishments and careers of our graduates are a continual source of pride for us.

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions Alumni Association

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions Alumni Association established in 1992 as the "Private Eyüboğlu College Alumni Association" and in 2002 as the "Private Eyüboğlu Science High School Alumni Association," merged under the same roof in accordance with the decision of the 2006 Ordinary General Assembly and took the title of "Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions Alumni Association."

CIS Council of International Schools

Dear Eyüboğlu graduate,

As the board of directors of the Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions Alumni Association, we greet all of you with excitement. With our alumni network exceeding three thousand people actively serving on both national and international platforms, we aim to fulfill the founding mission of our association in the best possible way.

As the Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions Alumni Association, equipped with the knowledge and vision of being an Eyüboğlu youth, we will do our best to preserve the spirit of being a graduate as individuals with innovative, intercultural awareness without compromising on Atatürk's principles and reforms, and with high ethical and academic standards, completely maintaining our sense of belonging on this independent platform.

As members of the alumni family, we promise to represent the corporate identity of our association in the best possible way and to be the pioneers of many new projects, events, and formations in order to interact with you constantly.

Seeing you among us on this journey will strengthen our power and be the greatest motivation for us to progress on the path we aim for.

Stay healthy.

Av. Tunahan Eyüboğlu, LL.M.
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions Alumni Association Elected as a result of the Extraordinary General Assembly on October 25, 2020

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions Alumni Association Board & Supervisory Board Members
Tunahan Eyüboğlu 2013 Chairman
Efe Katırcıoğlu 2013 Deputy Chairman
Alihan Eyüboğlu 2013 Member
Melike Meral 2016 Member
Neval Naz Zihnioğlu 2014 Member
Cemre Kababulut 2013 Member
Çakıl Eyüboğlu 2013 Member
Ece Doğaç Demircioğlu 2017 Substitute Member
Ada Deniz Sayıner 2016 Substitute Member
Berfin Tel 2013 Substitute Member
Yaren Özhuy 2017 Substitute Member
Aysın Gün 1992 Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Banu Zülfikar 1992 Audit Board Member
Berivan Çakıroğlu 2012 Audit Board Member
İrem Erhan 2014 Supervisory Board Substitute Member
Doruk Ünal 2014 Supervisory Board Substitute Member
Duha Yaren Öztürk 2013 Supervisory Board Substitute Member

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