Creative Drama involves activities that reconstruct a behavior, an idea, or an experience by embodying it through play. Today, drama has become an integral part of education in many countries around the world, often associated with other subjects. In the drama classes at Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions, our students engage in activities such as group work, achieving common goals, diction, presentation skills, improvisation, and storytelling. In creative drama classes, whether students have theatrical talents or not is not crucial.

In this class, the process is more important than the outcome, utilizing elements of theater. Students do not stage a theatrical script; instead, they create and improvise their own scenes in each class. The focus in improvisation and drama exercises is on students' interests, needs, and developmental characteristics, aiming to enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Gösteri Sanatları
Gösteri Sanatları

At Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions, we offer the opportunity for middle and high school students interested in theater arts, with good speaking skills, dedication, willingness to work on weekends and after school, and creativity, to join Turkish Theater Clubs. These clubs aim to foster a love for theater, instill the habit of watching theater, and help students develop their expressive skills. Students participate in various activities throughout the year and perform a play at the end of the year, representing the school. Among the plays staged so far are works by Turkish and international authors such as Haldun Taner, Aziz Nesin, Moliere, Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Brecht.


At Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions, students of all levels take the stage during national and international days, ceremonies, and events. They begin to experience being on stage through drama, dance, and music from a very young age. Through various activities, students have the opportunity to perform on stage, express themselves, and showcase their different skills.


Starting from age 4 and in our preparatory classes, students interested in English drama have the chance to stage plays related to the units in our curriculum and the literature they read. Students not only improve their language skills through drama but also gain experience being on stage.


With our folk and world dance clubs, students interested in dance at all levels have numerous opportunities to develop and showcase their skills throughout their education. In addition to memorable experiences related to individual interests, students enhance not only their dance skills but also their social skills through team collaborations. Besides ceremonies, events, and year-end shows, at our annual Music and Dance Night held at the Zorlu Performing Arts Center, students present the results of their year-long work on a large stage with a vast cast, providing unforgettable moments for the audience.