Our college counselling for higher education office provides support to students and their parents who wish to continue their university education abroad by offering information about countries, schools, programs and assists them in the application process. Our office assists students in determining the most suitable options aligned with their goals, considering their academic, social, and cultural backgrounds, as well as their family budgets. Additionally, we inform our students on how to get prepared for the universities they plan to apply to and provide all the necessary academic documentation required for the applications.

Presentations and workshops are organized for students and parents regarding programs offered at universities in English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, as well as in European countries like the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain, and in countries like Japan, China, Singapore. Additionally, workshops are conducted to prepare our students for the application process, covering topics such as essay writing, CV preparation, and filling out application forms.

For our students who seek information about education options abroad, we annually host 70-80 representatives from the most preferred countries and universities, either at our school or through online platforms, where our students find the opportunity to receive one-on-one answers to their questions.

Our college counseling office also organizes the "College Day" event at the end of each December, bringing together our graduates who study abroad in a panel. Our graduates provide information to our current students about the universities they study, social life in that country, accommodation facilities, and other related topics, and answer any questions they may have.


We offer counseling services to students who wish to continue their higher education in Turkey, assisting them in determining the right field of study and university that align with their interests, abilities, and goals. These services, conducted in collaboration with the psychological counseling and guidance unit, commence from the preparatory class in high school.

Yükseköğretim Danışmanlık
Yükseköğretim Danışmanlık

The following activities are carried out within the scope of college counselling for higher education in Turkey:

  • Briefing Meetings

    The Guidance Counselling Department organizes regular workshops, seminars, and information-sharing sessions for our students and parents.

  • Individual Consultations

    Individual Consultations conducted by the Guidance Counselling Department throughout high school aims to support students in their academic planning, emotional development, and motivation to ensure their mental and behavioral preparation for exams. Students are given information about effective study habits, time management, motivation, goal setting, and test-solving techniques. In 11th and 12th grades, goal tracking activities, career choices, and university preferences take precedence. Also a goal-setting survey is administered to 11th and 12th-grade students in order to track the their success at mock exams and review their targets.

  • Counselling Sessions

    Our assigned counseling teachers closely monitor our senior year students and guide them towards achieving their goals. Our students, along with our guidance counselors and advisory teachers, come together every month to assess their exam preparation efforts, track mock exam results, and develop an action plan towards achieving their goals.

  • Career Day

    In today's world, career fields have greatly expanded, and professions have developed subfields and areas of specialization within them. Each year, during the 'Career Day' event organized for our high school students, prominent individuals in their respective professions, university faculty members, are invited to our school to raise awareness among students.

  • University Visits

    University visits are organized to ensure that our students have accurate information about universities and programs, enabling them to make informed and healthy choices. Students have the opportunity to explore university campuses, gaining detailed insights into the physical environment and the facilities offered by the institutions.

  • Eyüboğlu University Fair

    The event, which involves the participation of both national and international foundation and state universities, allows our students to attend university presentations. During these presentations, students have the opportunity to meet with university representatives, who provide information about academic, social, cultural opportunities, scholarships, international opportunities, as well as double major and minor programs.

  • Workplace Job Observation

    One of the initial steps in career planning is the 'workplace job observation' that begins in high school. Students are provided with opportunities for vocational observation during their winter break, spring break, and summer holidays, aiming to equip them with realistic and concrete information about jobs and professions, allowing them to gain firsthand experience.