Eyüboğlu Kindergartens

Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions, with its long-standing history and solid experience, opened its first kindergarten in 2004. Today, Erenköy, Koşuyolu, Burçak Eyüboğlu Batı Ataşehir, Kemerburgaz, Batı Ataşehir, and Ataşehir kindergartens operate under the umbrella of Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions. We also offer 4-year-old and reception classes at our Çamlıca Primary School.

Eyüboğlu Kindergartens offer full-day and half-day options for the 3-year-old group, while full-day programs are offered for the 4-year-old age group and reception classes.

The teachers at Eyüboğlu Kindergartens are graduates of education faculties, specifically from the departments of preschool education, holding bachelor's and/or master's degrees. In line with our lifelong learning principle, teachers actively follow global developments in the field of education, incorporating innovations into the teaching and learning process.

Eyüboğlu Kindergartens aim to raise students as individuals with enhanced physical, cognitive, social, and language skills, who are inquirer, investigative, self-confident, and conscious. To achieve this goal, Eyüboğlu Kindergartens integrate the IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme) with the national education curriculum. The inquiry-based program conducted in both English and Turkish ensures that students not only develop into individuals with strong research skills, curiosity, and effective communication abilities but also enhances their physical and artistic aspects through provided social activities.

Teachers, recognizing the uniqueness of each student, deliver personalized instruction by identifying individual interests and learning styles. Play-based teaching is applied in appropriate physical conditions, taking into account each student's individual development and learning. A diverse range of materials is provided to enhance the student's existing creativity.

Ensuring the emotional and social development of students is a primary goal at Eyüboğlu Kindergartens. Each school is equipped with full-time guidance counsellor, who carefully observe students' emotional, social, and cognitive skills, conducting individual, group and classroom activities to enhance these areas. The development of our students are monitored, observations and findings are shared with parents, and collaborative efforts are made to establish a common approach. Additionally, this process is supported through presentations, symposiums, and informative bulletin initiatives aimed for our parents.